30 Aug 2012


Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sitting down in a park, driving  your car to work, trying something new or maybe even from seeing what someone else does. 

The latter is definitely where a lot of my inspiration comes from. Maybe it's the "well if he can do it, so can I!" attitude I think I have sometimes. Or maybe I just like to be part of a crowd. 

Either way, this is definitely where the inspiration to start a blog came from. After mooching around on the internet for 10 or so years not really achieving anything other than a few mediocre scores on flash games, I started reading lifehacker, it's a pretty cool website with all sorts of gadgety things on there (which I love) and some cool and most of the time pretty easy hacks to make life feel a little better, like folding shirts! This website introduced me to a lot of cool stuff. I didn't think it would change my life though. 

About a year ago it posted an article about the cost of commuting. It seemed fairly normal, saving money seems like a lifehackery thing to do. So I took a look - wow. This guy just talked common sense, how have I not picked up on this before, I have been chucking money in the bin every day! So I followed the link in the article to the guy's own website. I was hooked, I then read every single article he'd written over the next two days. I even downloaded google reader so I could keep up to date with his posts. The man I'm talking about is of course Mr Money Mustache

Once I had read all of his articles I was hungry for more, so I started discovering the Personal Finance blogosphere, there are literally hundreds, probably thousands of blogs dedicated to improving your wealth. Either through increasing income, cutting expenses, cutting coupons, selling your crap, anything you can think of is out there.

After almost a year of consuming all this information, I thought it was about time to put in my two cents. So I load up my google account and signed up. 

I have to say even though this is my second day, I am enjoying it immensely. I hope you are too.

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