29 Aug 2012


When starting any new project it is essential to identify the desired outcome. The actual outcome will probably be very different in the end, but if you have no idea where you want to go how will you ever start.

So from this I will set out some minor, major and longer term goals.

1. Post some new content fairly often, once a fortnight to start with, then more frequently. I would like to get to 2/3 times a week after a year or so.

2. Add content that comes from my experiences and which will help inspire others.

3. Get the word out - start publicising. Once I have some good content, I would like people to read it and give feedback, hopefully to improve my writing. 

4. Use the blog as a sort of journal. There are a lot of changes coming into my life. I would to log that to help me take a step back. I'm sure some times are hard and it is always good to get some perspective on what's happening. 

5. Increase my knowledge of html and perhaps some programming. This would help with my day job as well.

Picture by Torsten Bolten http://www.edupics.com/phato-soccer-goal-keeper-i7059.html

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