14 Mar 2013

I'm Selfish

I'm not one to let opportunities slide by without a thought to why and how they will increase my happiness. In fact it can be a painful process working out whether the next opportunity is a goer or not.

Mostly the opportunities I come across are for new jobs. I am on the cusp of obtaining a new qualification and this has highlighted to me that maybe my current work isn't progressing as quickly as it should.

Although I will be working in the same field (finance), I am thinking of moving to something with a little more difficulty rather than the daily grind which is currently my day job, although I am very aware that this may just be that the grass seems a lot greener as I stick my head above the parapet.

So I was flicking through a  few job boards as you do, looking at jobs the next step up from what I'm doing at the moment, when I came across one that seemed quite nice. The job description seemed not a great distance from what I'm currently doing, other than I would be running the team rather than working in it. 

It seems like a nice company, a charity organisation that arranges grants for disabled kids. I'm not specifically looking to work for a charity, but this seemed like a good cause.

Then I saw the pay, twice what I'm on at the moment, this was a Neo like, woah moment for me. This sounds great. Then the bad news, it's 25 miles away. Bad times.

Bad times indeed, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you may have noticed I HATE COMMUTING

So because of this I ran the numbers, I took off the extra expense for commuting, along with a little money for my wasted time.

It's still overall pretty positive, a net increase of over £500 a month.

So, why I am telling you about all this? You don't care.

Well, even though this would be a great increase in pay for me and would definitely speed up my route to early retirement, I HATE COMMUTING too much. 

I can't live with the fact that I would be driving 3 hours a day, rather than my current 30 mins. It just doesn't sit with me. So I didn't apply for it.

Am I a fool? Yes, this is more money than what me and my partner earn combined. But it's unfortunately just not the right time.

Anyway, what do you think? Should I dust the CV off and get it sent, or is this commute just ridiculous


Image: Selfish (fish for sale...geddit?)

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