24 Sep 2012


I've been struggling over writing a post all about how I feel about happiness. I'm finding it difficult to put the words together that define exactly what it means to me. As you can probably guess I don't buy into the regular short term buy your way out of sadness idea.

So here's something completely different while I mull over that. 

A few blogs I follow have been banging on about the Blog-up event, it sounds like a laugh a minute I have to say. Maybe a little bit corporate? Or am I being a little cynical - hey if they were able to drag the ermine away from the Stella bashing, all is good in my eyes!!

In other places, MMM has highlighted the upsides of p2p lending, I've looked into it and would like to have a go at some point - I would also like to have "play" money to test out these ideas. I hope he doesn't start thinking he's winning monopoly as that would be a dire shame, his head does seem in the right place though. Hopefully we'll see the good affects of a moral and wise investor giving back. Maybe something we can all learn from.

Otherwise it has been a quiet week, a gem from the other side of the sea has popped up in the shape of http://whatstostopyou.blogspot.co.uk/ after having a short read through, his ideas seem very close to my heart, along with an acute financial brain (spot the economist / accountant!!), I also love the wonderful moment of the day.

Which brings me back round to my work in progress post, I love taking a moment each day to find a bright point. Even when the auditors are breathing down your neck and you know you won't get home til 8 :(

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